Currently, I help companies grow via my consulting firm Redwhale. My clients range from early-stage seed stage startups to public companies doing over $1 billion dollars a year. If you want to find out more visit Redwhale email me [email protected]

In addition to running Redwhale, I also run a Medium publication with over 50,000 followers. Previously, I worked at RRE Ventures in New York on the Platform team.

I live in Cincinnati but travel frequently to New York and San Francisco. You will often find me at an airport or at one of my favorite coffee shops in SOMA The Creamery or Blue Bottle.


Outbound Campaigns

As an early stage startup getting your first 100 customers can be difficult. It can often feel as if your startup is in a black hole. What if you could reverse this entirely, what if you could practically flick a switch and get more leads? Our outbound campaigns can help you do just that.

Product Launches

Product launches incredibly exciting and can set the trajectory for growth. We help you plan out the perfect launch that’s focused on not only acquiring users but retaining and delivering your value. We also work to build viral loops directly in your product giving you a change to see explosive organic growth.

Retention Focused Onboarding

After users convert your job is far from over. It’s practically just getting started. The first five minuets a user spends in your product have been proven to be most valuable. How are you going to show prove the value you promised? And how will they know if they succeeded?

We start by understanding the core actions that predict a users success and then build dynamic campaigns that nurture and nudge users down that path.


You can send me an email at [email protected]

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