Few Notes On Finding A Startup Lawyer

I was responding to a founder today via email and I thought it could apply to others so here is part of my response. This is a first draft. An expanded version of this post coming soon.
Whatever lawyer you choose, make sure they have a solid track record working on behalf of early stage startups that have raised funding from a top-tier VC. Do several in-depth reference checks and don’t trust a lawyer that says he can’t give you references due to confidentiality. It may also be advantageous to focus on a fixed cost model at the beginning that way you can better predict the expenses related to the outcome.
Another thing to be careful of is lawyers that want to charge after you get funding or reach a certain milestone in the business. While this can be a good option be sure to be clear and set expectations for billing practices/checkpoints up front so after that event happens you are not shocked by an astronomical legal bill.

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