Last Day of Launch Festival

I hope you all have enjoyed my live blog of the Launch Festival. Today is the last day of Launch Festival so I thought I would give you a rundown on the speakers and sessions on the schedule for today. If you find this helpful please share. Sharing is caring!

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Morning Sessions (Pre Lunch or Prior to 12:00PM Pacific Time)

Fred Wilson

Fred WilsonManaging Partner at Union Square Ventures and Founded Flatiron Partners.

Twitter @fredwilson

Union Square Ventures

AngelList Profile

Investor in Disqus the largest network of blog discussions dominating the internet.

Investor in Twitter and Zynga and has exited on both.

On the board of Etsy, Return Path, and Work Market.

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Glenn Beck

Glenn BeckAmerican television personality and radio host, conservative political commentator, author, television network producer, filmmaker, and entrepreneur.


Twitter @glennbeck

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Naval Ravikant

Naval RavikantCo-founder AngelList, Founder Epinions, Vast Author Startupboy, Venture Hacks, Investor Twitter, Uber, Yammer, Postmates, and Thumbtack.

Twitter @naval

AngelList Profile

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Adeo Ressi

Adeo-RessiFounder of The Founder Institute, The  Funded , Managing Director of, 9x entrepreneur.

Founders Institute

Expansive Ventures 

The Funded Blog 

Angel List Profile

Twitter @adeoressi

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Gil Penchina

gil-penchinaA prolific angel investor in over 75 startups including Linkedin, PayPal, Fastly, AngelList, and Wealthfront. Also has the largest AngelList syndicate in the world.

AngelList Profile

Twitter @gilpenchina

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Joanne Wilson

joanne_wilsonActive angel investor in consumer web services and media. Here investments include Blue Bottle Coffee, Dailyworth, and Edited.

AngelList Profile

Gotham Gal Ventures & Blog

Twitter @thegothamgal


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