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More and more everyday I am finding the beauty of communities. Between private Slack Groups, Reddit, Hacker News, Product Hunt, and Twitter I have started to find tremendous value from all of these various forms of community.

I have also found that for sites like Twitter to become valuable you have to put a significant investment in them. I will admit I made the rookie mistake of buying followers. I saw Fiverr gigs that offering Twitter followers. Buying 10,000 followers for five dollars does not increase the value of Twitter at all, if anything it diminishes the platforms value with additional noise. Luckily I was able to remove all the fake followers. In the last 10–11 months I have been actually putting the time investment into community and I am starting to see a return on my investment. Being engaged on Twitter is no longer a chore, I love it!

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What Twitter Has Given Me

A year ago I would have never of written something like this, I was too fearful of others opinions and thinking, who am I to write and who cares? Now I know that my opinion has weight and my learnings have merit.

All of these communities have shown me the benefit of having distribution. Additionally, they have allowed me to drastically increase my rate of learning. Twitter has been a huge help in building up my confidence.

I am still learning from others far better at all this than me. I can’t wait to see how much more value I find in these communities going forward.

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Bonus For Blog Readers: 5 Networks To Start Using For The Long Game

I am planning on doing a post soon elaborating on “How-To” of this much more. (Subscribe to my newsletter below to be sure you don’t miss it.) Until then, here are the communities that you should start thinking about if you are not already.

1. Hacker News

Hacker News - Brandon Lipman - Startup & Venture Capital Enthusiast

2. Product Hunt

Product Hunt - Brandon Lipman - Startup & Venture Capital Enthusiast

3. Reddit

Reddit - Brandon Lipman - Startup & Venture Capital Enthusiast

4. Twitter

Twitter - Brandon Lipman - Startup & Venture Capital Enthusiast

5. Slack Groups

Slack - Brandon Lipman - Startup & Venture Capital Enthusiast

6. LinkedIn

LinkedIn - Brandon Lipman - Startup & Venture Capital Enthusiast

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